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Green Room puts on winter musical, “Into the Woods”

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Green Room puts on winter musical, “Into the Woods”

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Green Room Theatre Company produced a spring musical called “Into The Woods.” “Into The Woods” is about how a curse on the baker and his wife cause them to loose their children. Three days before the rise of the blue moon, they explore the forest and end up finding the ingrediants that will reverse the spell: a milk-white cow, hair as yellow as corn, a dark red cape, and a slipper of gold.

Green Room prepared for the musical by having stage crew set up every Tuesday and Saturday. Rehearsal for the cast was almost every day. Tech week was the week before the show. During tech week, stage crew worked every day for the entire week.

Asher Hill enjoyed Green Room because “a lot of my friends are in it. It’s a huge part of my life.” Asher’s favorite play he participated in was “Locked In.” “I had lots of fun with friends and the cast at rehearsal, as well as performing.” Asher said.

“I got involved in theatre at Grayslake Middle School my eighth grade year. I was uncertain to continue theatre in high school, but I decided why not, and joined Green Room. I ended up making so many friends, and they’re a big reason why I continue to be involved,” said Austin Glass, stage manager.
For tech calls, that’s where the sets are built, costumes are managed, lights are set up, etc. It’s a long process and involves so many people. During rehearsals, Green Room “blocks” scenes, which is figuring out where actors go and what tones they should use while singing.

“It’s fun to see how the show progressed over time. We had two months to prepare for the show, and as a stage manager, I have to make sure everything happens correctly. I love what I do. Theatre is very welcoming. It’s one of the places I can call home,” said Nadia Hernandez, stage manager.

Freshman Aaron Stone performed in the musical. Theatre is important to Aaron. It allows him to pursue what he is passionate about. He and many other actors look up to inspiring professionals and learn from them.

“I saw the show “Oliver” when I was younger, and I said I wanted to be on stage like that, and a couple months later I auditioned for “Oliver” for a different theatre company and made it in, then advanced from there,” Stone said.

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Green Room puts on winter musical, “Into the Woods”