The Big Game brings school together


North hosted the annual Big Game against the Wauconda Bulldogs in the fieldhouse as part of an all school assembly on March 9, 2018.

“[What we did to prepare] was we’ve been practicing since October, and the students have participated in games and tournaments along the way. The athletes also got the feeling of what it is like to play for a lot of people when they played during halftime at The Windy Bulls in December,” said coach Katherine Young.

The game has been going on for awhile now. They made a hashtag for it titled the Inclusion Revolution. The motto for the Inclusion Revolution is that the feeling and message of inclusion doesn’t end at The Big Game. It should never end.

“My favorite thing about The Big Game is the energy that fills the gym; everyone is so supportive of each other. It’s contagious. I am so excited to see how all of the students who were in the gym continue to spread kindness. The afterglow of The Big Game is where all North students take the positive feelings of inclusion and kindness that you get,” said teacher Kelly Benton.
The game brings the school together.

“I like seeing the whole school come together for The Big Game and feeling the sense of unity and inclusion through every student,” said coach Megan Stenberg.

The players had big smiles and were always cheering throughout the whole game.

“[What I liked] about the game was the entertainment, the sportsmanship, courage, confidence, and teamwork. The Big Game was awesome, and I was like a superstar,” said senior Kevin Washington.
Towards the end of the game, the Knights were behind, but they made a comeback that brought the whole audience cheering.

“[My reaction to the comeback] was excitement because all my people were cheering for me and my team,” said sophomore Michael Dionido.

The coaches were proud of the players.

“I was very impressed by our players because they showed sportsmanship and determination during the game. Positive energy from the players and fans during the game is part of what makes the experience so impactful,” Young said.

The whole school, parents, and teachers/staff went down to see the big excitement. The Big Game brought out a lot of cheers and joy, but it really did not matter who won.

“It was really fun to see. It’s not really about the score or who wins or loses, but an exciting game is always cool to see,” said teacher Robert Nicoletti.