Ethan Perlow

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Junior Ethan Perlow took an extra class, along with about 100 people from all over United States, at Fermilab in Batavia, Illinois, located outside of Chicago. Fermilab is one of the top laboratories in America. The Fermilab has programs for all ages to learn about science. The program that Ethan took was the Saturday Morning Physics (SMP), a nine week course to teach high school students about physics. This program is taught three times during the school year ( students graduated on March third.
“My dad informed me since he is a teacher, and he recommended that I should do it. So I just signed up on the website, and it was free,” Perlow said.
Saturday Morning Physics are lectures that are given by the Fermilab scientists about the understanding and appreciation of modern physics. The professors teach about matter and its motion and behavior through space and time.
“I’m interested in physics, and it’s really important working with Fermilab. It is really good for colleges.” Perlow said. “I plan to work in physics (as a career).”
The materials the students learned were modern physics, accelerators, detectors: seeing the invisible, particle physics, neutrinos, energy and climate, cosmology, as well as physics and society.