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Students donate to the annual blood drive

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Students donate to the annual blood drive

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Today was the school’s annual blood drive, an event that allows students sixteen and over to donate blood that is then transferred to area hospitals to help people in need.

“It was terrifying donating for the first time, but I got used to it quickly and I felt good about helping to save lives,” said junior Ian Doyle.

The blood drive begins with analyzing if someone is eligible to donate. Some requirements include age, weight, and whether or not someone has traveled to a foreign country recently. Donors also must be feeling well on the day of donation.

“I went to Panama for six weeks over the summer, so I was unfortunately unable to donate blood. I hope to donate next time, however,” said senior Emma Ziegler.

Once someone is able to donate, they have to be prepared on the day they plan. Lifesource recommends eating a good breakfast and drinking a lot of water before donating.

“I made sure I was staying healthy and hydrated. It helps knowing that in the end you get apple juice, cookies, and goldfish. That was by far my favorite part,” Doyle said.

Finally, the donation process begins. People from all around the area donate, for many different reasons.

“[I donate because] it’s easy and helpful. It doesn’t require all that much effort and it’ll either go towards someone who needs it or be used to advance research on certain illnesses,” said senior Gabriel Cope.

Today’s goal for the blood drive was to reach 170 units of blood, and LifeSource is thankful for all the donations they have received.

“[Donating blood is important] because it can save a life. It’s a resource that is needed for people all around. People who can donate, should,” said LifeSource Volunteer Services worker Christina Lambeth.

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Students donate to the annual blood drive