Choir delivers singing valentines on Valentine’s Day


This Valentine’s Day, Tri-M members went to classrooms to continue the tradition of delivering singing valentines.

Every year on Valentine’s Day, students receive singing performances by Tri-M that other students could buy for them and pick out the song. This has been a Tri-M tradition for about 10 years.

“I love seeing all of the happiness that music brings to people,” said band director Paul Nielsen.

The students of have a blast performing songs like My Girl, You’ve Got a Friend in Me, I’m a Believer, and more. It is an exciting day for everyone as singing valentines are delivered to them and their classmates.

“The students love performing. They love seeing people enjoy their performance, and I think they like to see some of their classmates embarrassed,” Nielsen said.

Tri-M raises the money for special school projects for the arts. The event is used to better the school, but not just through money. They also aim to improve the school experience in their own way.

“For Tri-M, the event is not really about raising money, but more about making North an awesome place where we do awesome things.  Tri-M gets to do that through music, not only at singing valentines, but also for the arts cafes that occur every other week on Friday before school,” Nielsen said.