Counselors organize career fair for students

Yesterday in the aux gym, the counselors held a career fair for all students. Jobs from all around Lake County came with displays to talk to students about different career paths in the area.

“It was cool to see how many different careers there are that I didn’t even think about,” said senior Lauren Magri. “Most people think careers are only things that people go to school for. But there’s careers that are important to everyday life that don’t necessarily need a degree.”

There were booths ranging from plumbing to librarians to even a Marine booth.

“Different booths had different interactive things to do,” said senior Jelly Diaz. “There was a pull up contest type thing at the Marine booth. If you did 20 pull ups, they gave you a t-shirt. It was really funny to watch a bunch of the guys at our school do 17 or 18 and not be able to finish the pull ups. They were so mad over a t-shirt!”  

Additionally, the goal was to help kids see the wide range of options there are for jobs after high school or college.

“It’s a weird feeling, knowing that in a few months some people in our grade will  be going off to school and others will be starting their careers, ” said senior Maddie Wilkinson.