Varsity boys basketball say goodbye to seniors


The varsity boys basketball team had senior night to honor the six seniors and their basketball careers at Grayslake North. To celebrate, they had posters made and their names were announced before the game started.

“Basketball my senior year was a lot of fun. Meeting new people and everything about it was great,” said senior Jason Ritter.

Even though this is their last year playing, James is continuing his career and playing at a small college in Minnesota. He might be the only one playing in college, but they all love basketball and will continuing playing for fun.

“I’m hoping to continue to play at CLC,” Ritter said.

The team worked hard this year to have the best record as possible and push to meet all of their goals. Lucky for them, the season is not over and they still have tons of basketball to play.

“Our team’s record as of right now is 11-13, and we have a couple more games left that we hope to win. Also, we are hoping to win the first Regional game for Grayslake North basketball,” Ritter said.

Overall, this year the team has had a great season and are looking forward to finishing off strong.

“I like the team a lot. Everyone had fun, and when we won it was even better,” Ritter said.