Athletes train during off-season

Although spring sports don’t start until springtime, many sports start preparing toward the end of the winter months, trying to get in shape and ready for the season to start. Athletes prepare in several ways to ensure they can perform to the best of their abilities when it’s time to start competing.

“Preseason workouts are super beneficial especially for girls who don’t do fall or winter sports and aren’t back in shape yet. They’re a good time to get to know the new freshmen and see how other girls can work together later on in the season,” senior softball player Jelly Diaz said.

Many sports even have their conditioning and workouts spread out throughout the week to help the times be  more flexible and so there is a better chance that athletes will go.

“We have conditioning on Mondays and Wednesdays and weightroom on Tuesdays and Thursdays,” said senior soccer player Maddie Wilkinson.

The days do vary depending on which sport, so even though soccer has it four days a week, lacrosse is a little different.

“Five times a week, one on Monday, two on Wednesday and Friday,” said senior lacrosse player Kyle Peterson.

Workouts can change based on the sport and what is specific to the type of strength they need to build up or to work on.

“Some softball specific workouts would include sprints and anything like power cleans or quick moving workouts. This is primarily because everything in softball is quick and reflexive. You have to be able to make quick string movements at any time,” Diaz said.

While softball works on their quickness and agility, soccer works on strengthening their legs.

“We are always doing squats or walking  lunges. Usually we are doing something that helps strengthen our thighs and legs,” Wilkinson said.


Besides coming to the workouts and a getting into shape, some of the athletes will do a little extra to make sure they are ready to go.

“I work hard at all times and never skip a rep. I stop eating junk food and drinking soda, while I make sure I am doing one more than everybody else,” Peterson said.

Even though all sports may vary in how much training they do and what they are working up to, they all share a similar goal to be successful in the season.

“We work harder than anybody in the state. There’s no reason we shouldn’t be one of the top teams this year,” Peterson said.