Boys bowling finishes successful season


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Senior Kyle Przybylski bowls his strike shot against Evanston on Jan. 11.

Seven seniors on boys bowling graduated, leaving two boys to be varsity starters. Most of the season was spent learning.
“We go from a team of three to four year varsity starters to only two starters that had that experience. I think it was a really big shift for the guys that got moved up to the varsity level. They spent a lot of time learning over the course of the year, but by the end of the year, they were way more consistent they were scoring much higher than they had before,” said varsity coach Greg Geiger.
Starting off with less experience on the team brought difficulty, but games got better as the season continued.
“It was a little rough not having as much experience in the varsity scene, but as the season progressed I think it didn’t affect us too bad,” said junior Jacob Bos.
At the start of their season, players set goals about what the season would be like and what were some of the things they each needed to accomplish.
“We had a conversation at the beginning of the year about it’s going to be new for most of us. We have to do a lot of learning and learning is practice, and we had to take some time as a group. We had to take some time as an individuals, and I think it took us awhile to realize that that was the case,” Geiger said.
The average score at the end of the year was lower this year than previous seasons, but higher scores are expected next year.
“I did my absolute best this year especially with me setting a new high score for next year of 277,” said junior Ein Atwater.