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Rising usage of e-cigarettes found within community

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With the dramatic rise in the amount of teens who use electronic smoking devices over the past year, something needs to be done to help decrease the numbers of high school users.
According to the 2016 Surgeon General report, there has “been substantial increases in the use of emerging tobacco products among these populations in recent years,” and in 2014 e-cigarettes passed traditional cigarettes as the most commonly used tobacco product. This significant increase in usage of alternative forms of smoking is attributed to the marketing done by promoting flavors and use of social media channels to advertise their products.
“In a study done in 2016 by a journal called ‘Pediatrics’ that followed teenagers who had never smoked an actual cigarette but used an electronic cigarette were six times as likely to start smoking actual cigarettes,” said dean Linda Vecchie.
While teens are using these cigarettes, many people are unaware of the health concerns of using any sort of electronic cigarette. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, while an adolescent’s brain is still developing, addiction is much more likely to occur, so with the introduction of a substance as addictive as nicotine, there is a much higher chance of the user becoming addicted to more serious and consequential substances that could further damage the brain. In a study done by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), these e-cigs have been found to contain diacetyl (a chemical that leads to lung disease), cancer causing chemicals, and heavy metals (such as tin, nickel and lead).
These health concerns have been further hidden by the tobacco companies themselves.
“You have to wonder when a company for years had research that cigarettes killed people and were touting them as health products for decades were swindling the American people, burying the evidence about what their product actually did, now that they’re on board with vaping, you have to wonder what’s really going on here,” said SAP coordinator Jenny Andersen
Solutions seem to have been on the prevention side of the problem, mainly warning adolescence through educating them. The Surgeon General gives other preventative solutions that include putting an age restriction on purchasing tobacco products, increasing prices and putting a ‘sin’ tax on these products, making licenses required to sell tobacco, and federal regulation of marketing the substances created by Big Tobacco.
Students really need to understand all of the risks involved with e-cigarettes and know the harm that these devices can cause.

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Rising usage of e-cigarettes found within community