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The love is in the air, spreading nothing but cheesy smiles. It is a time of being deep in love because that’s what makes life happy. Our favorite things to receive on Valentine’s Day is chocolate covered strawberries and roses. We both think that these two gifts are the perfect symbol for Valentine’s Day because if you look around, it is what every couple receives. Whether it’s not specifically chocolate covered strawberries but just chocolate and any other type of flower, these are the perfect gifts. This year Valentine’s Day lands on a Wednesday, and I, Michelle, will be celebrating it with my first Valentine which is my boyfriend. He and I will be going to a restaurant and there will be a mariachi band playing. My boyfriend says that there will be another surprise, and I wonder what it will be. `
I, Jennifer, will also be celebrating my first Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend. We are planning to go eat at the Cheesecake Factory and then settle down for a movie and ice cream.
Valentine’s Day is a day to spread love to anyone around that you care about. It shows appreciation to them, and it shows that you think about them on a day that is full of love. Also not to forget that Valentine’s Day is every day not just on a specific day.
We hope that Valentine’s Days brings out so much love for everyone and to keep in mind that every day people should appreciate the little things.

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A Message From Us to You