Mr. & Mrs.Grunloh

Imagine going to work and meeting the love of your life. You are casually talking with some friends that you work with, and you are intrigued by a guy. This is the story of the Grunlohs
Both Mr. and Mrs. Grunloh started working at Grayslake Community High School during the year of 2002.
“Mr. Grunloh started working at Central 16 years ago, and I started at Grayslake Central 15 years ago,” Mrs. Grunloh said.
Teaching in the same school does help build their relationship allowing them to learn about the kids they work with and more.
“It provides entertainment. We both love being around kids at North, and we get to exchange stories of kids that we both know or have taught,” Mr. Grunloh said
According to them, their lives could not be happier, since they have two wonderful kids.
“We have two kids, Kennedy who is eight years old and Chase who is four years old,” Mrs. Grunloh said.
Love at first sight is hard to find, but not for Mrs. Grunloh.She knew instantly they were going to last forever.
“I’m sure it was love at first sight for her,” Mr. Grunloh said.
Since they work at the same school, it can have some pros and cons to their relationship.
“Even though we teach at the same school, we would never know that we do. We never see each other during the day since we don’t tend to have common planning periods or lunches. Teaching at the same school does have its benefits too. We always have the same days off, we can discuss issues that we are having and the other person will understand, etc,” Mrs. Grunloh said.