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Convos with the “C” and the “O”

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As the deadlines for many scholarships are approaching, we have been preparing several essays, collecting transcripts and filling out forms in order to create the best scholarships that we can put together. There are several tips that we think may be helpful to seniors when trying to decide what scholarships to do, completing them and gathering letters of recommendation.
One tip that we found helpful was gathering a bundle of scholarships from the college and career center and looking them through to decide which ones we are interested in. Every person will have different interest and most likely will be studying different things. There are many scholarships out there that vary in lengths, requirements and subjects. We learned not to waste time creating 10 okay scholarship applications. Instead we created three to five great ones. This way we have put forth equal effort to each scholarship.
Another tip we found helpful would be to make sure to organize the scholarships. Know the deadline date, the date they announce it, date of ceremony if it is won, and other important information. By having them organized, everything will be readily available. Organizing with a spreadsheet or a binder is what we chose that we thought helped us the most.
The last tip would be to make sure to give the teachers more than two weeks to write the letter. The last thing students want to do is be rushed to get in scholarships and rush the teachers as well.
It is also very important to say thank you and maybe drop something off as a thank you for teachers writing a letter of recommendation. By giving teachers this extended amount of times it allows them to make the letter the best that it can be.
Overall, give enough time to complete these applications. Think of these scholarships as possibly getting paid 500 – 1000 for the maybe two hours of work to complete the scholarship. Make sure to check out all the scholarships available in the College and Career Center.

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Convos with the “C” and the “O”