High school band reaches new heights


When talking about bands, people may think of kids marching or their favorite musicians from playlists on their phones. However, they may not think about bands that are just getting started. Though still in high school, juniors Clinton Coronado, Conner Schad, and Walker Wilson have started their new band called Vivid Vision.

Starting up on their freshman year under the name Indoor Recess, Vivid Vision has since written their own songs and performed at public venues and Coffee House.

“I’ve known Conner since fifth grade. He’d been taking guitar lessons for a while, and I’d been enthusiastic about drumming for about the same amount of time, so we occasionally talked about playing together throughout middle school. Conner introduced me to Clinton our freshman year in high school. We jammed together and got pretty tight, and then Conner decided he wanted to be a part of the band too. We’ve been a full band for a little over a year now,” said drummer Walker Wilson.

There is still a little mystery behind how exactly the band formed. There are multiple accounts of what happened, and no one may ever know for sure.

“I found Walker (online) and we had mutual interests. Then Conner fell out of the sky with a guitar and his angel wings and we knew it had to happen,” said bass guitarist Clinton Coronado.

Regardless of how they got together, the three of them perform live and enjoy their time rocking out together. They perform songs by bands like Rush, Led Zeppelin, and the Foo Fighters, along with a few of their own original songs.

“I mostly just enjoy playing music for people with my bros, being able to make something with them and go out and share it with the world is just amazing,” said lead guitarist Conner Schad.

Vivid Vision will be performing at Penny Road Pub in Barrington on Feb 10, at 7:00 p.m. People can keep up with them @Vivid_Vision69 on Twitter and Instagram, or by looking up Vivid Vision on Facebook. People can get into the music at their future performances.

“My favorite part of being in a band has to be looking up from the drums and seeing the crowd enjoying what I’m putting out. Probably the most important part of my job is keeping a solid beat, and if my beat makes people want to get up, jump around, dance, sing along, or fling their hair all over the place, that’s an awesome feeling, especially when it’s a song we wrote,” Wilson said.