Tape murals line the school’s hallways


The tape murals from 2D art classes line the hallways with pictures of robots.

Murals made of electrical tape and resembling robots lined the halls after students in Intro to 2D art put them up as a part of the course.

“Students were required to collaborate with each other to create interactive scenes using the rules of perspective to create the illusion of three-dimensionality on a 2D surface,” said art teacher Kelly Bott.

Students saw the murals passing by every day in the hallway. For the students putting them up, the murals came with some challenges.

“Some expectations for the project were that the robots had to interact with each other, that the tape was not going to do whatever you wanted 24/7 and that you needed to be creative with your robot and not just copy someone’s off the internet,” said freshman Kaylee McCaslen.

There were also plans for a first semester show, but that did not happen. Despite this, the teachers are hopeful for the future.

“We did participate in the Coffee House night, supplying artwork for their gallery walk, and it was a success. As a way to help promote both the Coffee House and have a winter show, we are planning to do an expanded joint venture with them next year,” said art teacher Randy Sweitzer.

The show with Coffee House was known as the four-by-five show.

“The only constraint on the four by five show is that pieces must be four inches by five inches. This year’s show included work from our Intro to 2D and Intro to 3D classes. In the coming years, we hope to collaborate with our feeder schools to create a larger show,” Bott said.

Plans for next year’s show are already being made, despite the difficulties encountered this year.

“We are hoping to make this single night, probably in December, a real cultural event, with parents and community members invited to enjoy the art, poetry, and musical talents of GNHS students. We are hoping that together, we will be able to draw bigger crowds than we ever could on our own,” Sweitzer said.