Band holds winter concert

The band program held their winter concert last week in the auxiliary gym.

¨ I really enjoy that everyone is able to express themselves with music, and we all have the same passion,¨ said senior Kaden Silverberg

Music allows the students freedom to what they like, and they all work together to make band a fun program.

¨We study hard for every concert every day 4-6 period, and after marching band, we practice to do the best we can,¨ Silverberg said.

Band is fun, but it consists of hard work.

¨I like music, and I like being friends with everyone on the band since a lot of the school is part of band,¨ said senior Kevin Krause.

The songs are all chosen by Mrs. Edstrand, the band teacher, so all the students know what to do, and it’s easier for the kids to know what they’re doing.

“Mrs.E asks us to run the song, and she stops us when we need to work on something and breaks it down in sections to try to fix whatever we need to work on,” said junior Ray Larson.