New ACE gym class added to P.E. curriculum

Starting next school year, the P.E curriculum will include a newly added Adventure Challenge Education (ACE) course. The class will be performed mostly outdoors and will include activities ranging from hiking to survival skills.

Because it is a brand new class, there is a lot of mystery as to what the class is and why it was formed.

“The whole premise is to get kids to love outdoor activities and to give students an outlet from high school problems,” said P.E teacher Jesse Wolter, who will run the class. “I started the class because I’ve always been passionate about the outdoors. I took it in high school, but the main reason I wanted to start it here is because there are kids who aren’t into sports or P.E., and now they can still be active and even continue this after high school.”

The class is going to be different than any other P.E. class at North, and in many ways will not even seem like a P.E. class.

“There will be a lot of team building in the beginning to build trust; it will be like a community,” Wolter said. “We will incorporate outdoor activities like survival skills, knot tying, mountain biking, hiking, and more. We will even go out in the winter to do activities.”

The class will still have units, but not to the extent of a normal class.  It will also include field trips.

“There are small broken down units that would be more general,” Wolter said. “There will definitely be one all day field trip somewhere where we can kayak and do team courses, and there will hopefully be others, too.”

It will be a difficult process to be able to fit a class of this type into fifty minute periods.

“It will take a lot of careful planning, especially this first year when we are doing everything for the first time. We also can’t go very far in fifty minutes. That’s why I’m still planning the class,” Wolter said.

Unfortunately not everyone is able to take the class.

“Freshmen still have to take freshmen P.E., but after that, students can choose to take it,” Wolter said. “We also recommend that athletes still take athletic strength, although it would be nice to have them take ACE since it’s only a semester class.”

The students taking the class will also still have to wear heart rate monitors.

“No matter what class you take, Tuesday and Thursday are health club days. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we get to do our own thing,” Wolter said.