Students prepare for final exams

As the end of the year is approaching, so are finals and the new semester. Seniors help take away some nerves by giving some helpful advice as to how to prepare for finals and be less stressed. Finals can be stressful for students, but there are many ways to prepare.
“Finals are quite important because they are generally 20 percent of your grade, so they determine your final letter grade,” said senior Amanda Krebs.
Having the right study habits and techniques is essential for scoring well on these tests. Seniors have had four years worth of finals, so they feel that they know the best methods- such as study habits and techniques.
“Start studying many days before and tackle one subject at a time. Also, be mindful of the time spent on each subject,” Krebs said.
Also, here at North, there are many different resources students can use to help prepare. Teachers are generally more than willing to help out if needed.
“I go to teachers if I don’t understand a certain topic we talked about during the semester,” said senior Maddie Wilkinson.
There are also multiple ways on how to study that can really help when preparing for finals.
“I prefer to make flashcards and do the review packets provided by my teachers,” Wilkinson said.
But after finals are over, students have to start thinking about the new semester and start to focus on how to better their grades. Many students look to get rid of old habits that could worsen their chances of success.
“Laziness. People tend to get lazy over the winter months,” said senior Ryan Bernstein.
It’s not only good to get rid of those bad habits, but its good to refresh one’s mindset before the new semester begins. Krebs provides the best advice for how to do so.
“Take a break and relax [before the new semester],” Krebs said.
After a long break of relaxation, it’s then time to return to school and develop better habits and get rid of those bad ones. These simple steps can help to make students feel refreshed and ready to get back into the school routine.
“Start being accountable and turning work in on time because that’s huge at the beginning of the year,” Bernstein said.