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Psychology Club arranges No Stress Fest

Students gathered around support dogs during their lunch periods on the first day of No Stress Fest.

Students gathered around support dogs during their lunch periods on the first day of No Stress Fest.

Students gathered around support dogs during their lunch periods on the first day of No Stress Fest.

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In order to plan No Stress Fest, Psychology Club works vigorously for about five or six weeks in order to plan the week full of activities and de-stressing for students. No Stress Fest was created three years ago.
On the first day there was therapy dogs followed by art day on Tuesday. Wednesday there was meditation and relaxation with Ms. Andersen and Thursday was game day. Lastly, Friday was video day.
“[The goal is] to be able to give students a mental break, something to look forward to that’s not stressful the week before finals,” said Psychology Club sponsor Catherine Dodd.
No Stress Fest is usually held the week before finals to help students deal with some of the stress that they might experience gearing up for finals. This year with finals being held Dec 13, 14 and 15, No Stress Fest will run the week of Dec fourth.
“We want every student to know that they not only are allowed to de-stress and take a break, but that there are plenty of creative and fun outlets for stress; we believe it’s important for the school to help aid in de-stressing kids because there’s a really strong association with school itself being overwhelming and stressful, and we want people to know not everything about school is hard and tiring,” said senior Psychology Club member Kat Black.
Every student has a different way of dealing with stress. No Stress Fest has been trying to change the days around so that there’s something for everyone.
“In Psychology Club we have tried to offer a variety of things that give students the opportunity to really explore. There’s a lot of different ways that we are trying to communicate some healthy things like taking a break and taking a step back and evaluating where you are [then] evaluating you in the situation you’re in,” said Psychology Club sponsor Roxanne Bristow.
Dealing with stress is different depending upon each student. Some students like to listen to music while others would rather color or go for a walk. Psychology Club offers different ways for students to deal with their stress, but emphasizes it may just take some searching.
“Finding your own zen is really important. In order to do that you have to figure out what it is and so you have to explore these different things. You won’t just know automatically what’s going to be calming and relaxing to me,” Dodd said.

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Psychology Club arranges No Stress Fest