Teamwork goes beyond field

The athletes at Grayslake North participate in more than just sports in our school.  They travel to Avon School and read the children stories that the kids choose, or a book that the students are reading in class.

Many players like this because it shows that they care about the community as a whole.

“I liked the fact that when I was a student at Avon, Central football players and cheerleaders came and read to us, and now it’s almost like I was able to return the favor,” said senior football player Jesse Davis

Showing care in others is what makes the athletic program at North really come together and do more than just play sports.

“It really makes you want to try to be a better role model, knowing that all these kids look up to you,” Davis said.

It’s not just the players and kids that enjoy the reading.

“The teachers really enjoy when we go and read to the kids,” said head football coach Steve Wood.

Every Friday, the athletes at Grayslake North always have something to look forward to as they give back to the community.