Dance begins winter competition season

Dance started off their competition season at Mundelein High School on Nov 19 with two performances that they have choreographed in the previous weeks. This is the first time that they have incorporated a lyrical aspect into their program rather than strictly jazz.
“Being the varsity dance team coach is an honor. Dance has been a large part of my life since I was a child, and coaching dance has allowed me to share this passion with high school dancers,” said varsity coach Keeley Thode.
Thode loves her team and has a true passion for dance as a whole. She focuses on the overall goal of incorporating teamwork and a positive mindset during practices and in competitions.
“Teamwork plays a large role in dance. Our team morale and mindset is often more important than the dancing itself. As a team, we work toward a common goal, and in order to accomplish that goal, we have to work together, trust one another, and exude confidence,” Thode said.
Students love their team. It has many opportunities for them, and it disciplines the dancers to learn teamwork.
“I feel like the dance team has impacted my life in a positive way. It has helped me continue my dance career and to be able to see good memories when I look back at being in high school,” said varsity dancer Angelina Ambrose.
A main goal for varsity dancers is teamwork and helping the girls become more confident as a team.
“I love dance because it’s really fun to be with my friends and learn different routines! It helped me meet a huge group of friends and become more confident,” said varsity dancer Emma Soder.
The next dance competition is Dec 9 at Vernon Hills High School.