Service trips benefit students

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Throughout high school, many trips are offered that are based upon different things such as learning trips or community service trips. There are many benefits to these service trips that will help a student throughout life. Whenever someone does something nice or give back to a community, they may be able to find out a lot about themselves and what they really value in life. Some may decide their future career thanks to a community service that they’ve participated in.
Service trips allow students to re-evaluate their lives and be able to see outside of the town they live in and what they see every day. Students don’t realize how fortunate they have it until they go out and help others who may not be as fortunate. These serve as lessons to children and sometimes it really hits them, making them want to help more people. As the New York Times states, “Studies have shown that generally, community service for whatever reason is a good thing. But how it’s done and whether it also involves service learning — that is, lessons that discuss homelessness, say, or hunger in a larger context — make a difference.”
Through service trips, students gain life skills that maybe not every person would get in the environment that they live in. Many of these trips go places that many students may not have ever gone to visit if the school or organization hadn’t offered. On top of this, the students are helping others while in a new environment. This forces students to step outside their comfort zone and really experience a unique experience. According to the New York Times, “The students who were engaged in some sort of community service in high school — whether mandatory or voluntary — were more likely to volunteer or be involved in some civic activity.”
These trips can change people’s perspectives on their lives and life in general. Many people do not realize how good they have it. All it takes is for everyone to participate in some community service no matter how big or small, and it may make a difference not only in the lives others but also the person who is helping another. People can learn a lot about themselves by volunteering some place.
Senior Abby Holm has been on a number of service trips with her church and youth group.
“[Service trips] have made me more appreciative of what I have and gave me a better world view on places outside of where I live. I have [also] developed strong relationships with others,” Holm said.
As a community, students should try and go out and do community service but look for opportunities for service trips because it may really change one’s perspective on life as well a make one feel good about oneself by helping other people.