Swim takes on Sectionals

Three girls represented Grayslake North on Nov. 11 at Sectionals for swimming. Sophomore Maya Haubrich placed seventh on the 100 meter backstroke.
“I was close to my best times at Sectionals. I had to overcome a shoulder injury and an illness, so I’m proud of that,” Haubrich said.
Although the students came to represent North, they did not practice together. They all compete as an individual in the sport.
The girls swim at different clubs. Kayla Martinez swims at Hastings Lake YMCA. Alissa Wade swims at Vernon Hills swim team, and Maya Haubrich swims at Scout Aquatics in Lake Forest. All the girls have overcome obstacles to get where they are now.
“I have been having a rough season considering coaching conflicts to moving teams suddenly, but I am doing my best,” Wade said.
The swimmers had different things they loved about swimming, but the love of swimming brought them together.
“I love getting to spend time with friends and working hard every day in practice,” Martinez said.
Swimming is an important part of their lives and brings joy to the girls.
“I enjoy everything about it. The strokes to the difficult sets I do to the adrenaline rush I get when I step up on the blocks. Overall, the sport makes me very happy about myself,” Wade said.
Every year a couple girls swim for North but continue to swim for their clubs. They practice at their clubs and represent North for the IHSA Sectionals meet.
“We have had swimmers that have represented our school since we’ve opened,” said athletic director Tina Woolard.