Seniors graduate high school early

Did you know that seniors have the option to graduate early? According to Linda Vecchie, it’s been an option since 1995 for most high schools. Many seniors didn’t know this was an option, despite its availability at Grayslake North.

“If graduating makes the student happy and it’s what they want, then I’m on board,” said counselor Jamie McKenna.

Some students want to graduate early because they do not feel ready for college and are unsure of what they want to do.

“Every student has their own reason for graduating early, and the number one reason that I know of is so the seniors get a head start on college,” McKenna said.

Other seniors feel that graduating early can relieve stress, as they only participate in one semester their final year, instead of two.

“To me, the feeling of graduating early is stress relieving, and it opens more time for me to do stuff I want to succeed in,” said senior Aaron Paredes.

Some people don’t want to graduate early because of how stressful it seems.

“In my opinion, graduating early [is bad] and it’s good because it’s stressful not having a lunch and having all classes, but in the end it’s worth it,” said senior Aaron Paredes.

According to some seniors, graduating early can be a poor decision if they just waste the extra time.

“I would recommend graduating early if you have a plan,” said senior Alexis Pascascio.

It is an option for everybody, but some prefer to graduate on normal scheduling.

“I feel pretty excited about graduating early, and I found out through my counselor because I had more credits than needed,” Pascascio said.

It is possible to graduate early for all seniors, but many feel that it is only a good decision if they are prepared.