A Message from us to you

Several people celebrate Christmas differently. It can be due to their culture or their religion or their ongoing family traditions. We celebrate Christmas by the traditions of the Hispanic culture.
In the Jimenez household, we celebrate Christmas by going to my grandma’s house with uncles, cousins and gifts, along with eating and drinking our chocolate abuelita, which is some delicious Mexican style hot chocolate. Traditions are what makes Christmas fun and exciting because we do them with our family, which leads to making memories.
In the Lopez household, we sit around the table and pass around many foods including tamales, chicken, salad, and menudo. Then usually after dinner we all play some type of game preferably loteria. These type of days are what brings all the family together, being able to make memories.
Making memories is what we think counts during the holidays because that way in the future, we can take a look at them and smile on all the fun times we’ve had together.
Taking pictures and creating memories is one of our favorite things to do because we’ll be able to look back at them later on in life, and it’ll make us happy.
We love the holidays because we are able to embrace our culture, and we celebrate our Thanksgiving and the holiday seasons along with our family. The holidays are a time of pure joy and happiness. Along with those who we love the most, we will always cherish those bittersweet memories that we keep close to our heart.