Shopping in stores vs online

As the holiday season is beginning, shopping is at an all time high. Most people are shopping during the Black Friday, Pre-Christmas and end of the year sales to get deals. With the option of online shopping, many more deals and more items are available for customers to take advantage of.
People see online shopping as a way to avoid the lines and that it provides more options to pick from.
“It’s an easy way to get gifts for friends and family without having to go to the store. Also, online sometimes has different options than in store,” said senior and Banana Republic employee Maddie Wilkinson.
On the opposite end, in store shopping has proven it’s benefits.
“I like going to the store for shopping so I can see how things look and fit on me,” said senior Shaina Lesniewicz.
Shopping for clothes, electronics, or any other gifts someone is looking for is usually difficult when someone is going to school, participating in activities or sports and working, so holiday breaks paired with holiday deals are an efficient time for people to get holiday shopping done.
“Students who work during the school year love the end of the year and holiday sales because we get more for our money. But during the rest of the year, pay day is one of my favorite days to shop.” Lesniewicz said.
Both a combination of online and in store shopping has proven their convenience and effectiveness.
“Shopping during the sales is the best way for me to go shopping for my whole family in one trip. I have three sisters, so getting them gifts is easier when I can do it all in one trip” said senior Amanda Steiner. But sometimes, the best thing to do is just shop online for things they want that might not have been at the stores when I was there. It’s crazy to go back the next week when they restock, when I can have it delivered right to my house and sometimes have it even gift wrapped for me,” Steiner said.