Working during the holidays

Six o’clock hits and doors open for malls, Target, and other stores. People wake up after their food coma and get ready for the big day full with deals. Although customers get happy to shop, the only people that are not happy are the retail workers.
“I feel like it is too much when it gets chaotic. There is a lot of people messing up everything in the store,” said Kimberly Jimenez.
Retail workers have their likes and dislikes about working during one of the busiest days of the year, that even makes them want to change things up.
“[What I would change] is the amount of people that go shopping, so that means less organizing I have to do later on,” said senior Jocelyn Lozano.
Many people have different opinions on how it is on Black Friday, whether it is during midnight or during the bright morning.
“[That day to me,] is wild, crazy, and basically all over the place,” said senior Brandon Rodriguez.
To make the retail work life easier, usually they have routines to make sure they have everything ready to go.
“My routine is basically work. I get there, work, clean and organize the unfolded things,” Lozano said.
Having routines usually causes some retail workers who enjoy working and not to dislike it.
“What I enjoy is the money because it is all thanks to the hard work I do at the end, and I feel good about myself,” Rodriguez said.
Although Black Friday is rough on retail workers, they have their perks on what they actually enjoy about it.
“[I chose to work during the holidays] because of the money to be honest so I can buy myself makeup and spoil myself,” Jimenez said.