PSP hosts their annual sleep out

On November 2nd PSP had their annual sleepout to experience how homeless people deal with their sleeping routine on a daily basis. Students that attended and teacher of PSP, Chris Kubic, expressed what they thought of the sleep out it self.

“[I think it went] very well.  It was record-breaking in many ways.  We had the highest number of participants and the coldest temperatures.  It also was one of the most organized events, from the pre-event presentation to the rules/guidelines at the event.  It made for a more informative, authentic, and powerful experience,” Kubic said.

Some students have different views of how the sleepout went since they attended. Students expressed how they felt about it overall.

“I really liked that I’m more empathetic to the homeless and I know now how they deal with their night routines on a daily basis,” said senior Kaitlyn Moore.

Students had to sleep in the courtyard and get boxes as if they were their beds to sleep in like homeless people do. Some students may of liked it but they wish to change one thing about it.

“[The one thing that I would change] is probably not to have a half a box, but instead a full box because the half of box was hard to set up,” said senior Connor Brennan.

When the sleepout has came to an end, students and Chris Kubic had wrapped up their annual sleep out. Although it was over, they were glad to be apart of The Lake County Journal.

“[Being one the newspaper] was nice for students to be recognized.  Hopefully, this will encourage others to support efforts to help the homeless. The article has already led to a connection with a local organization that will work with PSP later!,” Kubic said.