WGN features North on morning news show

WGN came to North on Friday, Nov. 3, to live broadcast an assembly in honor of the football playoffs.

The school found out two days before and put it together despite everything being last minute.

“The fact that it had to be planned in 48 hours, so I think that makes it maybe not interesting but a unique piece of the assembly. But really the most interesting part was working with WGN,” said activities director Molly Tomlinson.

Ms. Tomlinson helped set up the assembly and kept the crowd going during all of the live shots. Since the assembly was filmed live, footage could not be edited and students had to be ready once the cameras were rolling.

“I think that when we need to come together as a Knight’s family, I feel like we do. Whether it’s through tragedy or whether it’s through something positive like our football team making the playoffs. Good and bad, I think we’re all supportive of each other. So, yeah, I feel like the live shots were pretty appropriate for what our school’s about,” said Tomlinson.

Many students got something back that they would consider cool from the assembly. Being on TV added a new level of excitement to the whole assembly.

“Everyone around the Chicago area got to see our great school,” said sophomore Tayo Oladunmoye, a football player.

The assembly pulled together. It was a different experience for everyone, and the Knight Pride added another element to the story.

“I’m sitting there next to Nigel the Knight and just staring him down, and he’s literally turned in the most sassy way ever,” said freshmen Marina Obaid.

The opportunity of being live on television was a new experience all around and left students remembering it.

“I felt really cool because you usually see famous people on TV and nice stuff, and seeing myself and my school was something special,” Oladunmoye said.