Cher Schwartz

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Hearing voices but there is no one there? Seeing shadowy figures in the corner of your eye? These are some of the things English teacher Cher Schwartz has experienced over the years.
When Schwartz was 22 years old, she went on vacation with some friends to Edinburgh, Scotland. She and her friends went on a ghost tour to a walled up bridge, and during the Middle Ages the poor and criminals used to live there.
“All of the sudden when she was talking, I saw this figure walking across,” Schwartz said. “My heart just stopped, and I grabbed my friend’s hand. No one else around me had a reaction,” Schwartz said.
After the incident, the tour guide explained that there was three specific ghosts that haunt the bridge: a little boy who loves to play hide-and-seek, a very violent man who was one of the many criminals, and the watcher who walks around the bridge.
“I’m like ‘Oh my god!’ I saw the watcher. She described him exactly as I saw. He is really thin man, dressed in a countable outfit and he holds a lantern,” Schwartz said. “What he would do is to go through the tunnels looking for escaped criminals, and then he was killed. He was stabbed by one of the criminals that he was trying to find.”
This isn’t the only haunted experience Mrs. Schwartz has experienced.
“I told my husband that I think our house is haunted. Like the other day, because I’ll be sitting there and I hear voices behind me, but when I turn around there’s nothing. There’s no open windows, and there’s nothing turned on, but I don’t know,” Schwartz said.