Avery Fess

Many people enjoy scary stories because they excite the senses, raise the hair on one’s arms, and kickstart a trembling sensation for everyone involved.
Ghost stories have a way of making one feel alive and opens the eye to new beliefs, especially when they’re true. Junior Avery Fess explains her experience with ghost action.
“I felt a little bewildered in the moment, but a few seconds after it happened, I was excited that I saw a ghost like every other eight year old would be. It truly proved to me that ghosts were real and that I believed in spirits,” said junior Avery Fess.
Fess had clashing feelings about her ghost experience, but soon excitment got the upper hand as she realized she could finally justify her suspicons that ghosts exist.
“I felt weird but excited that I had proof I saw a ghost. I ran straight to the bathroom to tell Jen about it,” Fess said
In Fess’ opinion, ghost experiences can happen anywhere that have meaning to the location or time the spirit was alive.
“I was hanging out at one of my best friend’s Jen’s house, and it was late at night since we were having a sleepover. Jen’s house is very old, and generations of her family have lived in it. I believe that it was her grandma who used to live in the house but passed before they moved in,” Fess said.
For some people, such an experience would scare them away from anything supernatural, but Fess is not such a person.
“If I experienced it now,I definitely would not have acted the same way. I would probably try to interact with the spirit or call someone in to see it,” Fess said.