Students keep motivation up during the school year

Ever wonder why some students struggle with their school work or their daily life occasions? Well it turns out there is one thing that can help them out, and it is called motivation. Motivation helps students and people with pushing themselves to get to where they want.
“(What motivates me is) my family. They motivate me by supporting me in everything I do, and they always hear me out when I’m struggling with any bad situation,” said junior Giovanni Almanza.
Motivation does not come easy for some people, whether it is at work or school or their goals that they have for themselves. Some people stay motivated by trying to think of what they want.
“(What I do to stay motivated) is I work hard in school and outside of school to help better myself as a person. It helps me improve my chances of succeeding in life,” said senior Alex Garcia.
Some students may get motivated by their goals but not all do. Other students get motivated by their own family members.
“(What actually motivates me) is my older sister, Cassandra. She motivates me because she works extremely hard in her life on a daily basis. She also never gives up even when it is very tough times,” said sophomore Cristian Carrillo.
Students often struggle to motivate themselves. It can be because of many reasons like work.
“I struggle to motivate myself when it comes to school like when there is a lot of homework to do. I can not do all that work and manage to deal with my job after school,” Almanza said.
Others realize that motivation is important to them on their daily life basis due to the situations that come their way.
“I have realized the work I put in now is going to help me shape up my life and my future. (What made me realize this) is every time I feel lazy or feel like not doing anything, I look at how hard my mom has worked to get me into that position as a hard worker and I do not want to let her down,” Garcia said.
Whether some students believe motivation actually works or not, some do not believe that. There is some advice that can change their mind.
“My advice is to never give up. Always push yourself even when it is a tough situation. It may get hard now, but it gets easy later on,” Carrillo said.