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GNHS takes on school rivalries

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As the school year starts and sports start to pop up again, students are getting ready to try out and start the season. But have we ever wondered what happens during the game? As to why there might be a little rivalry going on between other schools?
“Rivalries begin for a number of reasons. Here at North, we have a couple of close rivals because of the feeder schools our students go to. Our student-athletes have friends at Grayslake Central, Round Lake, and Lakes, meaning all of those become close rivals,” said varsity soccer coach Adam DeCaluwe.
Rivalries between schools doesn’t have to be all about trash talk and fights. It could be fun, and it’s also how the team comes together when times like these come.
“It’s fun because you’re playing with your teammates. Not only the people on your team, but your brothers, and it’s fun because it’s the sport I love, and the game I’ve played ever since I was little. So I got used to some competition and rivalry between other teams, but I always try to look at the good side of it and make the most fun out of it,” said senior Ronaldo Rojas.
Having a rivalry between another school can come out to be healthy and have some positive outcomes for the team and the player themselves.
“The rivalry to me is healthy because it makes us work harder in order to prove we are a better team,” said senior Angel Flores.
Many might think that coaches get into the action during soccer games or football games, but that’s not the case at GNHS. The coaches know well to maintain a strong character during the games.
“We as coaches tend to get along with each other. It is necessary for us to have good working relationships, and we typically have a lot of respect for each other, as we know the job they are doing is difficult and a lot of work. We also like to be leaders by example, and while we are rivals, we look to compete with class and character regardless of who we play,” said Coach DeCaluwe.

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GNHS takes on school rivalries