Green Room comes to stage with All My Sons

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Green Room comes to stage with All My Sons

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Green Room’s year has started with the play, All My Sons, and now will go forward into the Student Showcase and events like Theater Fest.

The fall show, All My Sons, was performed this last weekend. After months of work, Green Room has finished their straight show and will shortly begin work for the Student Showcase.

“I love how this show shows all the years of Grayslake North High School. You have different people in different years involved in tech and on the stage,” said senior Caiden Silverberg, who plays Joe Keller. “We have sophomores through seniors acting, sophomores in charge of lighting, juniors in charge of props, seniors in charge of sound, and it’s not just that you have to be those years to do those. It’s just that we found people that really enjoy what they do, and it’s been a great time.”

Green Room has done many shows and uses notes to improve these shows with. The actors take notes from one another and use them to help each other grow.

“In the show, we all kind of depend upon each other for acting tips. I’ve gone up to people and said I have a note about how you could do this better, and people will come up to me with some things I can do as well,” said junior Ari McFaul, who plays Sue Bayliss.

The next show for Green Room is the Student Showcase, but the next event is Theater Fest. Students of Green Room will go to the shows and workshops set up by other schools.

“I love that you get to go do workshops, but my favorite part is getting to see other shows. While I’m there I try to maximize the number of shows I get to see. Seeing how different schools can perform, sometimes the same show that we’ve done in the past, and doing it their way and from their perspective, can make me fall in love with it,” Silverberg said.

The community for Green Room has spread and grown over the years and there will be many more shows for Green Room in the future.

“I’m looking forward to spending time with friends who are equally as passionate about theater and seeing the shows come together,” said junior Victoria Frederichs of construction and paint crew.