Students donate for hurricane relief

A massive hurricane struck Puerto Rico on Sept. 16, known as Hurricane Maria, leaving the majority of citizens without power and with barely any supplies left to survive. As a result of this tragic event, members of Public Service Practicum, PSP, collected donations from students to contribute to efforts toward Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

“Our PSP class collected money by doing several fundraisers to help those in need because of the hurricane,” said senior Rosie O’Malley.

When people learned about what happened to the Puerto Ricans, PSP students were shocked and wanted to know how to help, so they collected items for donation by getting two big boxes and collecting during the school day and at football games.

“Supplies such as basic toiletries and old clothing would help greatly,” said senior Rachael Martin.

PSP students stress that during this pressing time, it is important to donate as much as possible, so the students gave other options or ways to donate, besides donating through PSP. Thankfully PSP received a generous amount of donations to help contribute.

“You can donate to Red Cross, but we fundraised by selling t-shirts and popsicles,”O’Malley said.

Many students in PSP do not know anyone directly affected, but are still willing to help those who were.

“My mom’s friend has family down there, and they waited the hurricane out. They didn’t get hurt and their house was okay, but it was still very damaged,” O’Malley said.

Even though this specific hurricane did not physically affect everyone, it did affect loved ones and many people who were living in Puerto Rico. Tragedies such as this one help to prove that there is still faith in humanity.

“I feel it made the country come together in a time of need but also put more pressure on the efforts made to help the people affected by natural disasters and what we can do better to actually fully help communities other than just donating supplies,” Martin said.