VOICES organizes bullying prevention month

Bullying Prevention Month is organized by VOICES in order to unite students and bring them together in order to help those who need it.
There are many ways to support students here at Grayslake North.
“One of the best ways to prevent bullying is supporting a culture of kindness, where students and staff support each other. We celebrate differences, and build each other up. Another important element of prevention is sharing with students the remedies and supports we have in place and letting students know that counselors, deans, social workers and all staff are equipped to help students address bullying,” said social worker Joseph Alger.
Voices helps and protects kids during school and are always looking for newcomers to help support.
“Bullying Prevention Month is nationally recognized. VOICES is our bullying prevention club, and a previous staff member started it with a few interested students who have since graduated. Mrs. Plaza and I currently run VOICES, and we are looking for members. We meet Tuesdays after school in C223,” Alger said.
Lori DeFiore, administrative assistant to the principal, thinks raising awareness can do so many things to protect the kids that need the support.
“I’m sure there are a million things we could do. We could have an art contest where students have to create a poster. We could find a play that deals with bullying and have a performance in the Black Box. We could all wear t-shirts the say STOP BULLYING. But the most important thing is that all of us need to remember that we are a Knight family,” DeFiore said.
The teachers believe that creating a safe environment will prevent bullying.
“I wish I could just wave a magic wand and make it disappear, but I know that’s not possible. I guess all I can do is treat people as I would like to be treated,” DeFiore said.