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Staff institutes random acts of kindness

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Teachers were challenged to come up with ways to show random acts of kindness to students.
Teachers were put into team building groups on opening day that they continued to do these random acts of kindness with. Lori DeFiore, Jeff Schagrin, Tina Woolard, Molly Tomlinson, James Roscoe and Megan Licht were a part of the planning committee who organized this idea and created the groups.
The goal of these random acts of kindness was to impact students and build relationships within the school.
“The random acts of kindness initiative was just another thing that reminded me how awesome GNHS is from the staff to the students. During a time where there’s so much unfortunate hate happening around the world, this is one thing that I hope put a smile on the faces of Knights, reminding them that they are surrounded by positivity, support and love,” said teacher and activities director Molly Tomlinson.
When faculty was given the random acts of kindness task, all they were handed was a plastic box with some note cards, paper clips, and markers. They were asked to write positive messages for students they may not know or come up with some other random act of kindness.
“It has reaped benefits that we couldn’t even imagine,” said Principal Dr. James Roscoe.
These random acts of kindness were a challenge to the staff to get them to meet new people, whether that be students or staff, and make a difference within their lives. The planning committee was amazed at the the extent that the teachers took the challenge.
“We wanted [the staff] to step outside their comfort zone and meet new people and new students,” administrative assistant Lori DeFiore said.
These random acts of kindness made some students’ day and caught them off guard, and it helped show them that the staff and faculty care about them.
“I love the idea of having the teachers do a random acts of kindness because it’s a way to show students that we care outside of the four walls of our classroom,” Tomlinson said.

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Staff institutes random acts of kindness