American Horror Story: Asylum Review

To be inside the insane mind of a psychopathic killer is what American Horror Story: Asylum truly encaptured. However, he wasn’t the killer in the least. From the very beginning, your mind is sent through loops with alien abductions, the horrors of Briarcliff Manor where thousands of mentally ill patients died, and the framing of Kit Walker.

American Horror Story is currently airing their seventh season this fall and Asylum, season two, is personally one of the best. Your hands get clammy and a nerve racking sensation overcomes your body because you don’t know whether or not Kit is the accused murderer, Bloody Face. It’s the early 1960s, explaining why Kit must keep his marriage with Alma, an African American woman, a secret. But he is admitted into Briarcliff because he is convicted of skinning three women and removing their heads. Briarcliff Manor is run by the Catholic Church, so nuns and the monseigneur help regulate the patients and get them onto a path of redemption with God through good behavior and acceptance of their crimes. Although, with the monseigneur’s hiring of Dr. Arthur Arden, corruption starts to shake the place from Arden’s sadistic experiments among some of the patients.

The actresses and actors were all astounding, especially Jessica Lange, at diving deeper into their character and truly showing the audience what an insane asylum and the people inside are like. For non-horror fans, American Horror Story is the perfect fit since it captures the more weird or strange aspect rather than the gory typical horror film. Asylum is definitely the weirdest season of them all, but it’s peculiar plot is what hooks the audience.