Students in Spanish classes take trip to theatre

Students and teachers of Spanish IV and Cultures and Communications went on a field trip up to Milwaukee to watch cultural dances on Oct. 12.

It took about an hour to drive up on the bus to the theater right in the center of Milwaukee. The dancers that performed showed off their moves through different styles of dances from multiple latin countries.

“It was really cool to see all the dancers perform and show off the cultures of so many different countries through their costumes,” said senior Arianna Anzelmo.

Also during the performances, the students got the chance to participate on stage and dance along with the professionals. The students who had the courage to go up on stage and learn some new moves looked liked they were having a great time, but were also very nervous.

“You could tell the students were nervous, especially the students from other schools that were just laughing the whole time,” Anzelmo said.

After the students watched and learned the many cultural dances, they were all ready to go and eat lunch, and that is exactly what they got to do. They went to Mexican restaurant around the corner from the theater still in Milwaukee. At the restaurant they got the choice two enchiladas, two tacos, or a chimichanga with a enchilada. It was hard to decide between all these options, but the most recommended was the chimichanga.

“I got the chicken enchiladas, but after trying a bite of the chimichanga, I wish I would have got that instead,” Anzelmo said.