Fall season prepares cheer for competitions

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Fall season prepares cheer for competitions

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As the Knights Cheer team begin their season with competitions slowly approaching, the team practices harder than before.

The cheerleading team is hoping the team to be top in their division this year.

“The skills and talent we have written down shows that we should do well in our division. We can bypass doing well to doing really well,” said coach Jenny Garza.

Last year, the team went to State and ended up with fourth place on a medium team category. The athletes scored a 83.83 in finals. This sets a higher expectation for the members this season as they motivate themselves to work harder toward their goal.

“We want to surpass what we did in the past. We want to push through our goals and push out of our comfort zone. I believe that our competitors’ coaches aren’t as good as Garza is to us. I’ve never felt negative energy from her; she radiates positive reinforcement,” said senior Hillary Lewandowski.

The girls have many team aspirations this season, but they have also developed personal goals they want to achieve. The athletes check up with each other, develop a sisterly bond, and support each other to become a stronger team.

“I think about how much work we have put in these past few years and how much we deserve to be successful, and being successful means pushing through the tough times. The idea that this year is my last chance to reach my fullest potential, I want to leave high school with no regrets. We are going to be surprised because it’s going to be different for us due to all the changes we have done, but we will be better off overall. Overall, our team gets along tremendously. We are all the same people, which can backfire when we have to spend weeks at a time together, but it also is a blessing because we can be ourselves and love each other for it,” said senior Karolina Wytrzyszczewski.

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