Convos with the “C” and the “O”

Looking back on our four years in journalism, it really was a roller coaster, an amazing one at that. We believe without the experiences we have had in this class, we would not be the same people that we are today.

It all started off on the first day of freshman year, walking into a new class not knowing many people. It was third hour, and as new freshmen, the two periods beforehand were not enough time to make friends. The editors that had been in the class the years before were yelling, laughing and talking about past years in the class. As freshman, we were feeling even more intimidated than before.

Once we got into the swing of things, we began interviewing people. Let me tell you, interviewing upperclassmen, teachers and coaches as a freshman is just about the scariest thing you could do. But we eventually got the hang of it and somehow became editors by our sophomore year.

As seniors and four year participants in the class, we have been granted the “co-executive editor” positions, which led to the nicknames of “The C and the O.” As the two responsible parties for getting the newspaper done, printed and passed around school, our jobs became much more administrative to the process. We now are responsible for double checking every page, getting all the stories edited, assigning photographers, and finishing the paper so it’s ready to go to press.

Journalism has taught us better communication skills, positive interviewing traits, and expanded who we know in the school- whether it be teachers, students or other staff members in the school. Being on the newspaper has improved our writing, grammar, and proofreading skills as well as bettered our interpersonal skills. We have become better people all around because of the class. We wouldn’t change our experiences in this class for anything in the world.