Everything with Evan

I wanted to have the opportunity of a head start on my passion that would determine what college I want to attend and where I will begin the journey of my career. As a little girl, I always enjoyed flipping through the home magazines wishing if I could create a space similar to a professional. Years later, I finally applied for an internship at Alexis Bednyak Design to take a “test drive” to see if interior design/architecture was the right fit for not only myself, but my future. I was accepted a few weeks later which led to a meeting between Alexis and I regarding the projects I would endure during the summer.

First of all, Alexis and her assistant, Taya, were the absolute sweetest people and wanted to see me achieve as an aspiring designer throughout the weeks I would work there. From either looking through stone/marble galleries or calling the Chicago showrooms for fabric samples, the job gave me direction and perspective on how I can achieve this past high school.

It gave me hands-on experience and a sense of what my unique sense of style will acquire to be. Not only her knowledge and creativity centering around design made me enjoy working for her, but her entire persona. She made me fall in love with decor and all the aspects of interior work because she was invested into the job and its entirety.

I highly recommend finding a possible internship or shadowing opportunities for students who are not quite sure if their occupation of interest is specifically right for them. The experience that I held over the summer is something that I will cherish forever because of the time and effort Alexis and Taya devoted to me for helping me become a better possible designer and showing me the reigns of the job.