A Message from us to you

Our senior Homecoming was just around the corner. We were ready to have fun with our friends. Michelle and I were making sure that we had everything, starting from the dress, jewelry, make up, heels, and hair. We were all over the place trying to get everything ready for the dance on Saturday, September 23. We went to Hawthorn Mall to look at dresses and everything else on the list. Our plan was to walk out with everything that we needed. We wanted to make this last Homecoming for us absolutely memorable. We were all going to fade away and probably never see each other ever again due to colleges or just in general. We wanted to take a lot of pictures so we could look back on it once we are older. We were both hoping to make sure we both looked absolutely amazing. We wanted to make sure that we danced the whole night long until we couldn’t anymore. Not many of our friends from our group wanted to go, but that didn’t really stop us. We wanted to go to our last Homecoming and make sure it was the best one yet, so we just got as many people as we could to go. Even though not all of our friends were going, I know for a fact we all had an amazing and fun night. I think Homecoming is all about the glam, being with friends, making memories, and dancing the night away. This is how we felt as we got ready for our last Homecoming. Hope you all enjoyed “Dancing in the Decades.”