CLC offers guaranteed transfer admission

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With many choices out there for colleges, it’s hard to know what to do. People have to think about what they want to do, where they want to be, and how much it will cost. Decisions like these take a lot of time and are very important. That’s why CLC has created a new transfer program for students to make the college process easier.
The new program can help students struggling with their choice by giving students a guaranteed spot in the college of their choice if they meet the requirements. Some require essays; some require students to take certain classes. Once a student gets the guaranteed transfer, they have to meet the requirements and then they can go to the college they choose.
“Sometime during a student’s first year at CLC, they should meet with a counselor to discuss their interest and then submit a participation form for the school or program they are interested in to that school. Each agreement is unique, so it is important to review each school’s specific process,” said CLC representative Cindy Sullivan.
The program has only been around for about three years, so it is relatively new. It is a free program and a great help to students who need time figuring out what they want to do in the future.
“It helps students keep focused on what their end goal is. Students are taking classes that are meaningful, that they know the credit is going to transfer. So it’s definitely valuable from that regard so you aren’t spending money on classes that aren’t going to transfer,” said school counselor Jamie McKenna.
This new program is helpful for the affordability of college and easing into the decision of college choice. Many students will be given a chance to take time to make sure their choice is right.
“I think it allows students more time to mature, to grow, and to figure out their plans before going on to a four year university,” said school counselor Kevin Ball.
CLC is still working to get more colleges involved in the program and to give many options to the students. All offers are available to CLC students.
“I would love to impress upon high school students that the College of Lake County is a great option and that it provides a great education for a great price. I find that students often overlook the College of Lake County without knowing anything about it. But once a student begins their education here and they get involved on campus, they see that they can challenge themselves and thrive here,” Sullivan said.