Soccer kicks off the season with fresh goals


Soccer kicks off the season with new goals and great passion for fall season this year.
Head varsity coach Adam DeCaluwe explains the upcoming season and how the boys are always on the move to improve.
“My goal is for them is to improve every single day, from practice to practice and day to day,” DeCaluwe said.
Although the season is just beginning, the team has played multiple games already.
“We never had tied results. We are either winning or losing. We started well in the first game, but after that we had a few bad games. We started to follow coach’s tactics which led us to more wins and better performance during the games,” said junior Luca Amgelillo.
Every season is different, therefore there are obvious alterations to the team this year.
“This season is different because it’s a younger group. We took more inexperienced players to help them improve in soccer skills,” DeCaluwe said.
Soccer is a worldwide sport, therefore is clearly different in other countries.
“In America, soccer is much more intense than in Switzerland. You run more, practice time is much shorter, but more often during the week,” Amgelillo said.