Abby Holm

Senior Abby Holm has gone to four different states and one country on mission trips through her church and youth group.
“You can go almost anywhere for a mission trip because everywhere in the world is in need of help and love. I have gone to Guatemala, Florida, Tennessee, California, and Kentucky. Having the opportunity to go to so many different locations has been a truly eye opening experience for me,” Holm said.
Last year, she went on mission trips over both summer and spring break. Every trip has a different objective, each group has a different goal and every person has a different experience. Holm has built a house, worked with a church group of kids and helped at their church, helped the less fortunate with landscaping, talked with homeless and gave them lunches.
“When I was in Guatemala, we worked all week building a house for a family who was living under metal sheets. It was amazing to see the impact we could have within just a week for the family. At the end, we handed them the key to their new house, and it was a very emotional and moving experience,” Holm said.
Mission trips change lives more than just the people who volunteers are helping.
“All of these trips really make me appreciate what I have. It is a great time to grow and connect with your peers and with God. On mission trips, the goal is to be pushed out of your comfort zone and detached from your typical life. This really allows me to see God working through me and those around me,” Holm said.