Exploring World Cultures class visits Asia


Exploring Worlds Cultures class experiences one of the many sites throughout Asia

Over the summer, the Exploring World Cultures class embarked on a journey across the world to the Asian countries of Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

Students and teachers from both North and Central went on this trip from June 4 to June 14. Throughout their trip, they discovered many new foods, people, and unexpected things.

“We wanted to travel to places that push students culturally, to have them see that other people in other parts of the world live drastically different- and yet similar- lives,” said English teacher Jeff Barry.

Many of the attractions they visited caught their eyes and stood out to them. They all really enjoyed the places they visited with the class.

“Angkor Wat in Cambodia is amazing! It’s hard to comprehend all of the work that must have gone into making the temples, all of the collective hours it would have taken to not just construct the buildings but to adorn them with incredible details,” Barry said.

They could all agree that the architecture they saw was breathtaking and very unique to what they normally see.  However, they also saw strange and surprising things on the trip, and some of the things they saw were very  heartbreaking.

“I saw a lot of poverty. Very very sad to see how little most of the people had. For example in Cambodia, only 10% of the population have a cell phone. That wasn’t because they couldn’t afford it but because so few homes have electricity,” said culinary teacher Jill Tomasello.

Continuing with the atmosphere they witnessed, they could all agree it was anything but laid back. It was very eccentric and exciting the entire time they were there.

“The number of motorbikes zipping around Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam was crazy: it looked like utter chaos and madness,” Barry said.

They all were very impressed with the tour guides because they were very informative, and they helped them become informed and understand the culture, along with everything they were seeing.

“The tour guide we had in Cambodia was great! He had a lot of knowledge and helped us get a better understanding of the culture,” said English teacher Keeley Thode.

Overall,  the class got a unique experience and also got to try and see new things through this trip.