New classes added to curriculum


The Advanced Mathematical Decision Making class focuses on real life problem solving, and students get an out of the box learning experience.

[/audioclip]There were three classes added to the curriculum for students during the 2017 school year, allowing students to get a broader and more challenging education.

The three classes are AMDM (Advanced Mathematical Decision Making), Human Anatomy and AP Spanish Literature. These classes are higher advanced classes that some students take to get a greater challenge.

“The AP Spanish Literature class was made for students that needed a bigger challenge [in Spanish classes]” said Spanish teacher Martin Rocha.

Students agreed that the AP Spanish Language class was too easy, so they added an additional class to help students get a better experience that is challenging and rewarding. This is the pilot year of this class.

AMDM was introduced last year, but it is still in its pilot phase. The class focuses on math, but in an unusual way compared to a typical math class. It is very out of the box and has a unique teaching style, as it focuses on real life issues rather than theoretical ones.

“I do think students like the class. It’s unlike any other math class we have, but it requires constant problem solving and real world application,” said teacher Kyle Fosco.

Human Anatomy was also added this school year, taught by Megan Finn and Stacey Saunders. The class focuses on human anatomy, compared to the past Zoology class which focused on the biological functions of all animals.

“[This class] is a great opportunity for students to learn more and take a bigger step at a challenge,” said science teacher Megan Finn.

The additional classes provide new  opportunities for students at this school.