Students participate in Powder Puff game during Homecoming Week


It’s Homecoming week, and that means plenty of activities throughout the week before the traditional Homecoming game and dance happens. Wednesday, the 20th of September, was the Powder Puff game. This all girls game of flag football pits class years against each other. Each class has a Powder Puff uniform that was yellow for freshman, pink for sophomores, blue for juniors, and purple for seniors.

In the game between freshman and sophomores, the final scores was 12-0, a win for sophomores. The game was followed by a close match between the juniors and seniors that ended 7-6 for the seniors.

“I think that this year my team did really well. We did better than last year, and I am so glad we were able to make the team better. I feel so happy that we won, and I think we deserved it,” said sophomore player Shalynn Billings.

The game is a way to show school spirit and a great chance for the girls to get involved at the school. During the school day, classes were encouraged to wear their class colors to show support.

“I feel that my team worked really well and did amazing. Powder Puff is a ton of fun. Everyone should try it,” said another sophomore player Kate Karvelis.

The energy was running high last night as the teams played hard to win. There was a lot of support from the crowd, some spirit brought by Nigel the Knight, and good times in the crowd and on the field.

“We played good. We did our best. It was only one point that we lost by, so we’ll win next year,” said junior player Karissa Ackerman.