Students and faculty watch Solar Eclipse

Students and faculty watch Solar Eclipse

On Monday August 21, the moon, in some areas of North America, completely covered the sun. Grayslake North participated in this once in a lifetime event with a special schedule, allowing almost 30 minutes to view the astrological event.

“It was really cool how the school was so supportive and cooperative with this really amazing event, because I wouldn’t have seen the eclipse otherwise,” said freshman Alyssa Greze.

Even though Grayslake was not an area of totality, every student was given a pair of solar filter glasses to prevent permanent eye damage.

“Our 6th hour teacher gave us a pair of special glasses, which was really nice because we wouldn’t have been able to see the eclipse without them,” said senior Shayla Hertzke.

Although it was a cloudy day, some bits of the eclipse were visible a few minutes into the viewing period. The shadow of the moon left a small sliver of the sun uncovered, showing an 88% totality, according to experts.

“It did kind of stink not seeing the eclipse as much as I anticipated, but the experience, little bit we did see and the fact that the school went out to see it together was pretty awesome,” said senior Lauren Magri.